Nina Cecilie Højholdt

I am an Interaction Designer and Developer from Copenhagen who focuses on creating engaging experiences, spaces, and artefacts. I am interested in the aesthetics and politics of computational technology and in imagining and embodying preferable futures in physical space. My background is in academia, but I value hands-on prototyping, experimenting and construction as means for acquiring knowledge.

Projects I have worked on have been exhibited at places like SXSW (US), Ars Electronica (AU), Roskilde Festival (DK), Reflektor Helsinki (FI) and Techfestival (DK). I am a co-founder of art/design studio Circuit Circus.

As a software developer, I have experience coding for web, native and hardware. Some of the tools, frameworks and languages I am comfortable with with are: Javascript (ES6), Node.js, Arduino (C++), Processing (Java), OpenFrameworks, HTML, CSS (LESS/SCSS), Ruby on Rails & Unity.
I also have experience with devops, working with databases (MongoDB preferred), Git, server setup, etc.

Want to get in touch? Write me at nhoejholdt[AT] 👋